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Payback® Lamb Grower Complete

Complete grower

For growing sheep.

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Why choose Lamb Grower Complete?
Lamb Grower Complete is a comprehensive feed blend that includes a balanced mixture of roughage, grains, and supplements, designed to provide all the essential nutrients needed for feedlot lambs weighing between 50 to 80 pounds.

Product details

  • Guaranteed analysis
    Crude protein* not less than 16.0%
    Crude fat not less than 2.0%
    Crude fiber not more than 15.0%
    Calcium not less than 1.0%
    Calcium not more than 1.5%
    Phosphorus not less than 0.35%
    Salt not less than 0.5%
    Salt not more than 1.0%
    Selenium not less than 0.2 ppm
    Vitamin A not less than 2,500 IU/lb
    Vitamin D not less than 250 IU/lb
    Vitamin E not less than 5 IU/lb

    *This includes not more than 2% equivalent crude protein from non-protein nitrogen.

  • Feeding instructions
    Lamb Grower Complete is intended for feedlot lambs from approximately 50 to 80 pounds of bodyweight. Lambs should be gradually adjusted to Lamb Grower Complete in order to reduce the risk of overeating and other digestive disturbances. Lamb Grower Complete can be self-fed to lambs if they are properly adjusted to the ration. In an effort to minimize management problems, lambs may be offered approximately 10% good quality long hay. If hay is fed, all lambs should have equal access so that the total ration composition (proportion of Lamb Grower Complete to hay) is consistent every day. Fresh, clean water should be available at all times. When lambs are approximately 80 pounds body weight, they should be gradually adjusted to an appropriate finishing ration like Lamb Finisher Complete

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Not all products are available at all locations.
Check with the store for availability.