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Become a Payback dealer

Interested in becoming a Payback® dealer? Payback is a premium line of high quality animal nutrition products. With specialized formulas for over ten different animal species, our experts craft formulas based on years of experience and sourced with high quality ingredients. Our consultants spend their time in the country providing your customers with complimentary educational services such as forage analyses, ration building, profit projections, and performance tracking. Payback is backed by CHS, a farmer owned cooperative, committed to providing resources to enhance the success of your entire operation. Become a dealer, and start promoting and selling Payback products today.

Why sell Payback

Payback feed pellets
Offers an extensive selection of high-quality products
Nutrition consultant looking at phone with cows grazing in the background
Gain access to a dealer portal with marketing materials, pricing information and more
CHS Feed Specialist speaking with a rancher beside an open bed of a truck that holds a Payback feed bag
Receive support from a network of nutrition consultants
Payback feed pellets being dispensed into a trough
Feed formulations backed and proven with science
Three people chatting
Dealer-exclusive training opportunities
CHS Great Falls facility
Made by CHS, a farmer-owned cooperative

The Payback portfolio

When you become a Payback dealer, you have access to more than just Payback products. One vendor, four brands and over ten species.

Payback logo
Payback feeds
Our custom-formulated Payback feeds for beef, dairy, sheep, swine, goats and poultry deliver consistent results that give ranchers and farmers a profit edge.
Equis Feed logo
Equis feed
Our Equis® line of advanced-nutrition feed provides horses from miniature to draft breeds with highly digestible ingredients that support wellness and immune balance.
Country Vet logo
Country Vet
Country Vet® offers high-quality, highly digestible formulas that have been painstakingly perfected in our Sioux City, Iowa, plant.
Rancher's Choice logo
Rancher's Choice
Rancher’s Choice® offers high-quality protein sources, vitamins and minerals, and soy-free formulas to keep your pet healthy.

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