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Beef cattle
Every product in the Payback beef feed line is carefully formulated to help improve herd health.
Dairy cattle eating hay in a barn
Payback dairy feeds are formulated to help improve herd health, fertility and milk production.
Horses eating from a trough
Equis® offers a full line of quality, specialized equine feeds to meet your needs.
Two goats resting their heads on one another's backs
The Payback family contains specialized and multi-purpose feeds for goats at all phases of development.
Chickens standing beside Payback Poultry feed bags
Payback poultry feeds are formulated for the home flock, farmer's market and commercial enterprises.
Two lambs in a grassy field during sunset
The Payback sheep product line is scientifically formulated to help improve health, nutrients and fertility in your flock.
Two piglets standing side-by-side with a third piglet in the background
Swine feeds formulated to maximize health, fertility and lean pork production.
Student and judge with a beef cow at a livestock show
Payback show feeds have a proven history of helping 4-H and FFA members thrive in the show ring.
Reindeer walking through snow
Specialty feed products for pets, llamas, wildlife and more.
Group of chicks
Organic animal feeds, designed to provide your livestock with a more natural and sustainable diet. 
Horses and cows grazing beside one another in a field
Versatile animal feed suitable for various species, perfect for small-scale farms.
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