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Payback Fortified Program

How it works


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Higher potential profit for your herd

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Herd of beef cattle walking
Are your cattle Payback Fortified?
If you plan to sell your cattle on Northern Livestock Video auctions, consider verifying that your cattle are Payback Fortified. Once verified, you can mark them as Payback Fortified in the sale catalog. This means your cattle have been on a nutrition program prior to shipping that boosts their immune system and prepares them for the stresses of feedlots.

Here's the Payback

Lower incidence of respiratory disease = less vet/med expense
Improved quality grade = higher value
More marketable carcass
Lower death loss during finishing
Fewer sick calves during the receiving period = improved gain

Qualifying Payback Feed products

To qualify as Payback Fortified, cattle must have been fed at least one of the following products prior to being shipped.
  • Calves
  • Weaned calves
  • Yearlings
Mineral/feed with OTM*

Fed for 45 days prior to shipping

Example: Payback® Ultramin Elite

Mineral/feed without OTM
Fed for 90 days prior to shipping
Calf Creep
Fed 90 days prior to shipping
Elite Calf Creep*
Fed 45 days prior to shipping
Head Start*
Fed per label for 21-28 days
Distillers Pro® cattle mineral
Fed for 90 days
Payback feedlot/receiving supplements
Fed for 30 days
Midwest Ag Supplements
Fed for 30 days
Fed for 30 days
Mineral with OTM*

Fed for 45 days prior to shipping

Example: Payback® Ultramin Elite™

Mineral without OTM
Fed for 90 days prior to shipping
*These products are fortified with Zinpro® Availa® 4 to supply the essential trace minerals that enhance the immune system and help calves get off to the best start.
Payback Fortified cattle are being sold on Northern Livestock Video Auctions.

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