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Payback® Egg Layer Concentrate


For laying poultry.

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Why choose Egg Layer Concentrate?

Have access to corn, barley, or wheat and feeding a sizeable amount of birds? Egg Layer Concentrate may make sense for you. Egg Layer Concentrate is designed to be fed with corn, barley, or wheat to support protein, vitamin, mineral, and amino acids levels that are insufficient in a diet that consists of merely whole grains. It is designed to be fed to laying hens that are mature enough to have at minimum attained 5% egg production. Formulated to support oocyte health, egg shell development, and laying production. See instructions for details on mixing rates.

Product details

  • Guaranteed analysis
    Crude protein not less than 40.0%
    Lysine not less than  2.7%
    Methionine not less than  1.1%
    Crude fat not less than  1.0%
    Crude fiber not more than  4.0%
    Calcium not less than  4.0%
    Calcium not more than  5.0%
    Phosphorus not less than  1.35%
    Salt not less than  1.25%
    Salt not more than  1.75%
    Phytase not less than  100 spu/#

  • Feeding instructions

    Egg Layer Concentrate is designed to be mixed with grain and fed to chickens being raised for egg production. Do not feed this product undiluted. 

    Thoroughly mix with grain as directed below to make complete prelaying and laying feeds.

    Prelayer Layer
    Corn 1,465 1,355
    Egg Layer Concentrate 450 500
    Limestone 85 145


    Prelayer Layer
    Barley or wheat 1,510 1,400
    Egg Layer Concentrate 400 450
    Limestone 90 150


    Provide the prelayer diet from 16 weeks of age until the pullets have attained 5% egg production. Switch to the layer diet after chickens have attained 5% egg production and continue feeding throughout the laying stage.

    Egg Layer Concentrate is non-medicated. Medications can be added as directed on the medication pack by replacing an equal amount of grain with the medication pack. Provide chick sized grit and fresh, clean water at all times.

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Not all products are available at all locations.
Check with the store for availability.