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Payback® Organic Fryer

Organic poultry

For all ages of broilers.

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Why choose Organic Fryer?
Payback Organic Fryer is a USDA Certified Organic fryer feed designed to be fed from day one to market. Chicks who are to be fed and marketed as fryers undergo a tremendous period of rapid growth. Due to this rapid period of growth, their nutritional demands are extremely high, and a nutrient dense diet is necessary. Payback Organic Fryer rations reflect these needs with a high energy formula that will support growth and feed efficiency. 

Product details

  • Guaranteed analysis
    Crude protein not less than 21.0%
    Lysine not less than 1.15%
    Methionine not less than 0.4%
    Crude fat not less than 3.0%
    Crude fiber not more than 5.0%
    Calcium not less than 0.5%
    Calcium not more than 1.0%
    Phosphorus not less than 0.6%
    Phytase not less than 25 spu/#

  • Feeding instructions

    Organic Fryer Ration is a complete feed for chickens being raised for meat. Feed this product free-choice from 1 day of age to slaughter weight. This product is a high density, high energy diet that will support rapid growth and excellent feed efficiency during all stages of growth. Provide chick sized grit and fresh, clean water at all times.

    Note: Agricultural content: 96.65%

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Not all products are available at all locations.
Check with the store for availability.