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Payback® Performance and medicated


  • Payback® Aureo® 10g
  • Payback® Beef Mix EXP240
  • Payback® Koxy Krumbles
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Man hand-feeding a cow hay through a fence
Why choose Payback performance and medicated additives? 

We offer a broad range of performance and medicated additives to help tailor a feeding program that meets each livestock operation's unique needs.

Performance and medicated additive products

  • Aureo® 10g
  • Beef Mix EXP240
  • Koxy Krumbles

Payback Aureo 10g provides Aureomycin source of chlortetracycline antibiotic to cattle at 10g per lb. of product.

  • Aureomycin CTC prevents and treats bovine respiratory disease and anaplasmosis in cattle
  • Designed to be fed to calves, beef and non-lactating dairy cattle as top dress or thoroughly mixed in a ration to medicate feed with chlortetracycline
  • Feed 1.6 oz per 100 lbs bodyweight per day
  • Treat for no more than 5 days

Payback Beef Mix EXP240 supplies Experior (lubabegron) feed additive to cattle during the last 14 to 91 days on feed.

  • Experior lowers ammonia emissions from feedlot operations by helping steers and heifers use more of their nitrogen intake for muscle growth
  • Improves average daily gain and carcass weight in the final 91 days of the finishing period
  • 0.3 lbs of Beef Mix EXP240 provides 36 mg per head per day of Experior
  • Thoroughly mix Beef Mix EXP240 into complete ration prior to feeding

Payback Koxy Krumbles help treat coccidiosis during periods of exposure or when experience indicates that coccidiosis is likely to be a hazard.

  • Can be used as both a preventative and treatment (see label for directions)
  • Crumble form makes it easy to top dress
  • Optimize gains by preventing clinical coccidiosis during high-risk periods

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Not all products are available at all locations.
Check with the store for availability.