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Payback® First Response Starter Supplement

Starter & weaning feed 

Jump-start your feedlot program.

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Man hand-feeding a cow hay through a fence
Why choose First Response Starter Supplement?

First Response Starter Supplement is designed to be fed when starting cattle in the feedlot. With protein at no less than 38%, this feed packs a punch. First Response Starter Supplement contains ProTernative® live yeast, a probiotic, and Diamond V® yeast culture, a prebiotic, to help cattle get off to a healthy start when used in a total mixed ration.


  • Micro-aid yucca extract stimulates intake and keeps them on feed
  • Elevated vitamin levels as well as Zinpro® Performance Minerals keep cattle healthy and gaining weight during the stressful starting period
  • Probiotics and prebiotics give cattle a healthy start 

Guaranteed analysis

Crude protein (%) not less than  38.0
NPN not less than 8.0
Crude fat (%) not less than 1.5
Crude fiber (%) not more than  8.0 
Calcium (%) not less than 3.0
Calcium (%) not more than 4.0
Phosphorus (%) not less than 0.8
Salt (%) not less than 1.75
Salt (%) not more than 2.25
Potassium (%) not less than 2.25
Selenium (ppm) not less than 1.25
Vitamin A (IU/lb) not less than 35,000
Vitamin D (IU/lb) not less than 3,500
Vitamin E (IU/lb) not less than 250
Thiamine (mg/lb) not less than 60
Copper (ppm) not less than 145
Zinc (ppm) not less than 500


Caution: Do not feed to sheep. For ruminant use only.

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Not all products are available at all locations.
Check with the store for availability.