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Payback® Beef Grower

Grower feed

Get your cattle growing and gaining.

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Man hand-feeding a cow hay through a fence
Why choose Beef Grower feeds?

Looking for a feed that can provide the protein your cattle need to grow and gain? Beef Grower is designed to be fed to growing or backgrounding cattle. With several formulations available, Beef Grower provides 20% to 50% of crude protein so that you can select the feed that works best with your operation’s other protein and forage sources. In certain formulations, part of that protein is provided by NPN (non-protein nitrogen) to keep costs down while making sure your cattle put on the pounds needed for sale.

  • Balances protein in grower rations
  • Provides vitamins and minerals for efficient growth and immunity
  • Pelleted for easy handling

Available formulations

Beef Grower 20
20% protein
Beef Grower 20-7
20% protein including 7% NPN*
Beef Grower 32
32% protein
Beef Grower 32-11
32% protein including 11% NPN*
Beef Grower 38
38% protein
Beef Grower 38-13
38% protein including 13% NPN*
Beef Grower 50-25
50% protein including 25% NPN*

*NPN feeds should not be fed to poultry, pigs or horses.

Caution: None of these feeds should be fed to sheep.

Medicated options are available

Ionophores icon
Rumensin or Bovatec

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Not all products are available at all locations.
Check with the store for availability.