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Nutrition Consultants

We're committed to helping you customize a feeding program that precisely fits your practices, pastures and preferences. Your local CHS Payback® nutrition consultant makes recommendations and develops formulations unique to your needs, using the latest software technology. They also make sure your water, forage, grain and feed are tested regularly to provide you with the most accurate information for ration balancing and performance projections. 

In short, CHS Payback nutrition consultants do what it takes to determine exactly what nutrients your animals need for peak performance - and they do it with your wallet in mind.  

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Nutrition Experts

Two full-time CHS nutritionists bring a depth of experience to the Payback brand. Their overall formulation philosophy is simple: create high quality, economical feed that never fails to deliver solid nutrition. They constantly evaluate university and independent research about different animal species, incorporating the latest advances into their products and recommendations. Over the years, they've formulated thousands of proven Payback products, all to help customers like you get the most out of your investment. 

CHS nutritionists provide technical support to local Payback consultants, delivering training and assistance with feeding programs and custom formulations. Together, they'll make sure you're feeding the right rations and right supplements, and help you make the most of your grain, silage and hay crops. Our nutritionists also handle local producer meetings and training. 


Lance KenningtonLance R. Kennington, Ph.D., animal nutritionist
605-339-3985 (fax)

CHS animal nutritionist Lance Kennington has a Master of Science degree and doctorate in ruminant nutrition from the University of Idaho, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science from the University of Wyoming. He provides expert on-farm consulting to producers and ongoing technical support to CHS feed consultants in the eastern region. Kennington has a depth of cattle expertise, having worked in all aspects of the cattle industry including dairy, cow/calf, backgrounding/stocker, and finishing feedlot operations.


Greg EckerleGreg Eckerle, Ph.D., animal nutritionist

Greg Eckerle has a passion for helping ranchers manage their herds, specifically cow-calf pairs. When he joined CHS in May 2018 as an animal nutritionist, he looked forward to working with ranchers in the heart of range cattle country from his base in Billings, Montana. Today, Greg provides technical support and nutritional formulation advice to feed dealers and ranchers using a range-science approach to manage changing environmental situations that affect cattle herds. He has a doctorate degree in animal science from Kansas State University, as well as master's and bachelor's degrees, both from Colorado State University. He has worked in the animal nutrition industry since 2011, including positions with leading companies such as Purina and JD Heiskell. From 2016 to 2017, he was an assistant professor of animal science at Texas A&M University-Commerce.