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Payback® is a premium line – and so much more. It’s a total profitability package that starts with expert feed analysis and ration balancing, then adds invaluable services such as profit projections and performance tracking. Payback is backed by CHS, a company committed to providing resources – including convenient financing and expert hedging services – that reduce your risk and enhance the success of your entire operation. If you’re looking for the latest insights to give your operation a precision profit edge, look to Payback.

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We’re committed to helping you customize a feeding program that precisely fits your practices, pastures and preferences.

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Risk Management

CHS Hedging helps ranching customers grow by guiding them toward the right decisions for the right reasons.

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We know that every operation is different and each producer has unique financial needs.

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Keep abreast of livestock markets and trends with these up-to-the-minute links.

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Nutrition Experts

At CHS, our animal nutritionists bring a depth of experience to the Payback brand. Our overall formulation philosophy is simple: create high quality, economical feed that never...

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