Goat Tender

For all classes of goats.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein not less than 14.0 %

*(This includes not more than 2% equivalent crude protein from non-protein nitrogen.)

Crude Fat not less than 2.0 %
Crude Fiber not more than 8.0 %
Calcium not less than 1.0 %
Calcium not more than 1.5 %
Phosphorus not less than 0.4 %
Salt not less than 0.5 %
Salt not more than 1.0 %
Copper not less than 20 ppm
Copper not more than 25 ppm
Selenium not less than 0.3 ppm
Vitamin A not less than 4,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D not less than 400 IU/lb
Vitamin E not less than 50 IU/lb

Feeding Instructions

Goat Tender is a complete grain-concentrate ration for goats. It is formulated to be fed with good quality roughage or pasture.

Kids: Goat Tender may be offered along with good quality roughage to kids at an early age. Goat Tender may be fed as the grain-concentrate portion of the ration for goats being fed for slaughter for meat. 

Milking Does: Feed a minimum of 1.5 pounds of Goat Tender per head per day, or at the rate of one (1) pound per three (3) pounds of milk, along with good quality roughage or pasture. 

Bucks: Feed Goat Tender along with good quality roughage to maintain the desired condition of the bucks. During the breeding season it may be necessary to feed up to two (2) pounds of Goat Tender per head per day to maintain condition. 

Mineral and salt should be offered free choice. Provide fresh, clean water at all times. 

Goats are ruminants; make all feed changes gradually. 

CAUTION: For ruminant use only. 

Contact your local CHS nutrition consultant for assistance in planning a feeding program to meet your specific needs.

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