Dairy Feedlot Finisher

For finishing dairy-beef feedlot cattle (700-finish)

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein not less than 35.0 %

(This includes not more than 15.5% equivalent crude protein from non-protein nitrogen.)

Crude Fat not less than 3.8 %
Crude Fiber not more than 12.0 %
Calcium not less than 4.5 %
Calcium not more than 5.5 %
Phosphorus not less than 0.7 %
Salt not less than 2.0 %
Salt not more than 2.5 %
Potassium not less than 2.6 %
Selenium not less than 2.65 ppm
Vitamin A not less than 20,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D not less than 2,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E not less than 45 IU/lb

Feeding Instructions

If cattle have not been previously adapted to a high energy, low roughage ration, first feed loose hay free-choice in feeding bunks for 3 to 5 days. 

Then begin this feeding program with Ration 1 shown below:

Ration 1 Ration 2
(First 7 Days) (Next 7 Days)
Whole Shelled Corn 1125 lbs. 1330 lbs.
Alfalfa Pellets 400 lbs. 300 lbs.
Dairy Feedlot Grower 400 lbs. 300 lbs.
TM Crumb 4G Med. 75 lbs. 70 lbs.
Total 2000 lbs. 2000 lbs.

If cattle have been previously fed the Dairy Feedlot Grower program, then begin feeding with Ration 3 shown below. Mix the following rations and full feed free-choice continuously according to the recommended time periods below:

Ration 3 Ration 4
(Next 7 Days) (Until Cattle Are Marketed)
Whole Shelled Corn 1600 lbs. 1800 lbs.
Alfalfa Pellets 200 lbs. ---
Dairy Feedlot Finisher 200 lbs. 200 lbs.
Total 2000 lbs. 2000 lbs.

In addition to the above rations, feed 1 to 2 pounds of hay per day. 

Contact your local CHS nutrition consultant for assistance in planning a feeding program to meet your specific needs.

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