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Payback®, a brand of CHS, is your profitable nutrition solution, offering not only high-quality, economical feeds, but also a number of services to help you succeed in the competitive livestock and poultry industry. To get started on a Payback program, find the Payback nutrition consultant located near you. We partner with Consumers Supply, which is centrally located in Sioux City, Iowa, to distribute Payback bagged feed.  Our feed facilities are certified by the Facility Certification Institute (FCI) a feed industry standard to ensure feed and food safety, we are certified by the American Feed Industry (AFIA) Safe Feed/Safe Food Program and are also a HACCP certified.

In addition to Payback, CHS also produces the Equis® brand of equine feed, manufactures soy meal for livestock feed and pet foods, and markets distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) for large-scale feed operations.

CHS is a leading energy, grain and food company owned by farmers, ranchers, cooperatives and thousands of preferred stockholders across the United States. CHS is committed to providing resources that enhance the profitability of your entire operation, including business solutions such as financial and risk management services. Learn more about CHS at chsinc.com.

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Email: nutrition@chsinc.com

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