Stockmin 12-12 Plus

For cattle on pasture.

Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium not less than 12.0 %
Calcium not more than 14.0 %
Phosphorus not less than 12.0 %
Salt not less than 5.0 %
Salt not more than 6.0 %
Magnesium not less than 3.0 %
Cobalt not less than 35 ppm
Copper not less than 3,500 ppm
Iodine not less than 370 ppm
Manganese not less than 5,800 ppm
Selenium not less than 53.0 ppm
Zinc not less than 7,000 ppm
Vitamin A not less than 300,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D not less than 30,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E not more than 500 IU/lb

Feeding Instructions

Stockmin 12-12 Plus is designed to be fed to beef and dairy cattle in selenium-deficient areas. 

It is especially recommended when the ration contains legume or legume-grass mixtures, or when cattle are grazing pasture/range or receiving primarily roughage. Stockmin 12-12 Plus contains organic copper for improved bioavailability. Stockmin 12-12 Plus may be fed either free choice or mixed with other feed. When feeding free choice, a covered mineral feeder is recommended to protect the mineral from the weather.

Consumption will vary with the type of ration being fed and the individual appetites of animals. With most feeding conditions, consumption should be 2 ounces per head daily. If consumption is more or less than desired mix with salt until the desired consumption is attained. Fresh, clean water should be available at all times.

Contact your local CHS nutrition consultant for assistance in planning a feeding program to meet your specific needs.

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