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Feedlot Profit Projector

Our experienced nutrition consultants can help you succeed by assisting you with profit projections and recordkeeping. Shown below is an online system for calculating a breakeven point for a 550- to 800-pound backgrounding feeder calf. This calculator is intended only to test the feasibility of your inputs. We recommend that you have our consultants take feed samples and design specific rations for your operation.


Calculator Options


Cattle Specifications

Number of Head on Feed:


INPUT: Starting number of animals

Starting Date:


INPUT: Est. starting date

Ending Date:


Feeder Cost (Price / CWT)


INPUT: Price per 100 pounds

Sale Price / CWT


INPUT: Price per 100 pounds

% Shrink


INPUT: Animal Shrinkage

% Death Loss


INPUT: Est. loss due to death

Misc Cost, vet, trucking


INPUT: Misc. expenses



INPUT: Finance interest costs

Yardage $ / Day


INPUT: Labor, equipment, & maint.

Performance Projection

Days on feed


Starting Weight


INPUT: Est. starting weight

Ending Weight


INPUT: Target ending weight


Beef Grow 38-13 B 500  $


INPUT: Cost / Ton

Corn or Grain Mix  $


INPUT: Cost / Ton

Grass Hay Average  $


INPUT: Cost / Ton

Corn Silage  $


INPUT: Cost / Ton

Feed Gain (lb)

As Fed Basis


Dry Matter Basis 12%


Feed / Head / Day

As Fed Basis


Dry Matter Basis


Purchase B \ E ( $ / CWT)


Sale Breakeven ($CWT)


Cost Per Day


Profit/Loss Per Head ($)


Pen Profit or Loss ($)

Cost of Gain


$ / 100 lbs

Total $

Cost / Day





Misc. Cost


Cattle Interest


Feed Interest


Misc. Interest





Chicago Board of Trade


Total Cost

Daily Intake

Total #s Intake
/ HD

Total Pen Intake – Tons


Beef Grow 38-13 B 500



Corn or Grain Mix



Grass Hay Average



Corn Silage



Daily Intake


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